The Captain and Crew

Hello, and thank you for considering spending a day on the water with us. I am a licensed Captain through the Coast Guard with current first aid and CPR certification. Our vessel is fully insured and meets or exceeds all Coast Guard standards. I have always had a passion for fishing and love to share that with other people - hence why I became a charter captain. When you fish with us, you can help out as much or as little as you would like. This is your trip and we will communicate about how involved you want to be on the boat. I have been fishing in some form or fashion since I could hold a pole and have been fishing on Lake Ontario since 1989. I have had the priviledge of fishing with some great fishermen on the lake since that time and have incorporated what they have taught me with what I have learned. It is this experience and passion that I bring to the the boat to try to hook you onto as many fish as we can on any given day. I also understand the this is a one shot deal that means a lot to you and your group and I promise that I will give 100% to make this a memorable trip.
Captain Phil Lucason with First Mate Lizzy
First Mates,
Morgan and Elizabeth
Give us a call - if we are free - let's go fishing!
or 1-315-709-9958
Pics from the past
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